We have announced the winner of the Indaba Music remix contest. We were totally blown away by Subjekt Thr3’s remix. Total reinvention of the song. Well done sir. Check out the winning remix, and the 5 runner ups here: http://awe.sm/k42Ue

We are pleased to announced that our direct support for the upcoming UK & EU tour is Jayce Lewis Official. Jayce recently supported our friends Combichrist (The Official Fan Page) on their last UK/EU tour and we’re excited to have him and his band along for our upcoming run. You should go like his page and make sure you get to the shows on time to catch his performance.

Boy oh boy can we waste time on stage talking about bullshit before we start a song!
Enjoy: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OfKkBRpHDWQ

Watch on Youtube >>

The Moment You Realize You’re Going To Fall is still on-sale at Amazon for only $5. Despite the low price, buying it from Amazon totally helps us – so PLEASE get it if you haven’t already and please share this deal with everyone you know. RT and Repost!!

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Winners of the #BLBTheMoment – In no particular order here are the 10 winners of the #BLBTheMoment Contest.
W… http://t.co/HKGW8HY7

#BLBTheMoment Submission ; when the girl takes out the man – Alexandre: Believe
Imagine the fear of fail. Hav… http://t.co/a7p2ulPw

#BLBTheMoment Submission ; opened my mouth – capricorn1one:
went outside, got in the car and opened my mouth http://t.co/ZodNl7pB

#BLBTheMoment Submission ; Forbidden Fruit – antrina: The Forbidden Fruit
Pondered: at the calculative afterm… http://t.co/v4w5pO1k

#BLBTheMoment Submission ; “simple.” – severininhatesville:
We all have a sad story
A big fucked up love stor… http://t.co/H4vIa5gz